It´s the people

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Leadership Development


Successful leadership development

“Working with Process One is like adidas – on track, on the ball and close to the customer. You should absolutely always have it with you during training.”
– Melanie Enderweit, PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG 

#Quarterly Self-Leadership

A feature story on self-leadership from our Quarterly series


Alleviating the loneliness of leaders


#Prototyp Workshop

Leadership development in your company? 
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We have compiled a selection of our current leadership development programs for you.


….A little extra performance, perhaps?




Organizational Development


Successful organizational development

“Through the transformation of our own organization, we are experiencing what real change means – it is not always easy for us to abandon familiar patterns of behavior and thought. But what we can say is this: the self-organized “operating system” we have developed feels just right for our own future.”
Dirk Gouder, Organizational Developer at Process One


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

– Peter Drucker



The same applies to organizational development as elsewhere: the situation determines the approach - we work digitally, analog and hybrid.


Bringing organizational development
to life!


It’s the people! People make the difference. In your company and ours.


“Don't believe everything you think about yourself” (Anon)
Change is part of our working lives and mostly starts with us


Agile Organization


Successful agile organization

“Process One has always delivered new inspiration and highlighted interesting opportunities for our agile change process. We work iteratively and experimentally and benefit enormously from the experience of their consultants.”
– Elke Hüttner,  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH



Shaping the transformation to an agile organization through experimentation


Compact workshop for a complex future as an agile organization


#It’s the people

Who, if not us!

#Leadership 4.0

White Paper: Leadership 4.0 - Characteristics of Transformative and High-Performance Organizations in Complex Environments.


Transformation & Training Programs


Agile methods and future leadership - we’ll get you into shape!




What shapes and inspires my work is the combination of opposing perspectives, aesthetics and realities. The peace and natural beauty of my chosen home in the Rhöne valley allows me to access my inner self ...
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I have Italian roots and when I was a child I spent the summer holidays at my aunt’s house in Sicily. There was never any problem that couldn’t be solved with a large plate of pasta. This “Dolce Vita problem-solving strategy” has stayed with me ever since ... Find out more


Process One


“Always being very adaptive, flexible and straight-forward in finding excellent solutions are core experiences of Process One. New innovative and tailor-made solutions, a bias towards the highest quality standards and a great walk-the-talk attitude need to be mentioned. Many thanks for building successful development programs for our international executives!”

 – Marcella Klumpp, Deutsche Bahn


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Experiential Learning & Consulting


#Blended Learning

The best of all worlds with Blended Learning 


Our Decision Poker Cards

#It’s the people

The people in the companies, the people at Process One, the people around us