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Agile + New Work = Next Organisation

Agile organization is the future

One thing is for sure! We can’t go on like this!
This is something we often hear when we talk to organizations. We have all experienced that the established forms of organization are becoming less and less suited to dealing with the complex and volatile environments companies find themselves in.

Agility, New Work, Scrum, Lean Start up, Lean Management, Design Thinking, agile principles, Kanban, teal organizations, peer to peer… are just a few of the terms that describe our current influences and schools of thought.

In our projects, the transformation to an agile organization is always geared to successful products and services of the future. At the forefront are true client centricity and organizational adaptability, driven by dynamically evolving digitalization.

How can agility be increased in a targeted way in an established organization? How can we become faster? How can we become more flexible? These are some of the questions that our clients face while they transform to agile organizations and which we answer together.

If you want to set out on the road to developing a sustainable and agile organization, contact us and we will start by conducting an assessment of where you stand.

To the As-Is Assessment

Agile organization & remote work?

The future of leadership

The time has come for us to re-organize: the future of leadership and collaboration is here. Start now by taking a compact virtual journey to develop a new leadership and collaboration concept for an agile organization.

Agile organization: your way 


You should always have your personal reasons for why you need to transform at hand! The clearer you can describe your WHY and the more you share the mutual vision of the transformation you require, the more likely it is that you will succeed. You will return repeatedly to this beacon of light during your change process. That’s a promise!

Take the first step and use our 4 P Method to develop with us the first communication concept for your WHY!


How we support your transformation will depend on your personal starting situation. 

We are convinced that the key to developing a viable agile organization is adaptive collaboration and shared experimentation.

Our Next Organization Concept enables people to boost adaptability in their organization and to take on responsibility.

We are practitioners, not evangelists!

  • We guide you to your goal!
  • We help you experiment and learn!

We are not dogmatists!

  • We are your mirror!
  • We test your and your organization’s comfort zone!
  • We question your cultural patterns and attitudes!

If you are looking for a supportive and experienced expedition guide to accompany you on your transformation, take a look at our agile formats or feel free to contact us.


Agile organization - how do others do it?

In 2015, we started visiting companies and interviewing those who have already started working with New Work or agile organization approaches.

We wanted to find out what these organizations saw as critical factors for successful transformation to a new agile organization. We have since analyzed 90 learning journeys that we conducted with our clients.

We have summarized the insights we have gained to date in our white paper: Leadership 4.0 - Characteristics of Transformative and High-Performance Organizations.

If you are equally as interested in the results, download it here.


Transformation projects currently in progress


Methods and principles in the New Work Box


Visits to organizations transforming to agile organizations

New Work Boot Camp

- For when you want to kick-start your transformation to an agile organization!


Agile or New Work Mindset

The recipe for success of agile organizations

All organizations that we have visited and interviewed over recent years come to the same conclusion: The key criterion for the success of transformation to an agile organization is the mindset of the people actively involved. And there is a key difference between being and doing agile or even more broadly between a New Work attitude and New Work principles.

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