Leadership Development / Team Leadership

Leading and developing teams – the core task of leadership

But this is not where leading your employees ends.

  • How is my team performing?
  • What is stopping the team members from collaborating more effectively with each other?
  • What factors influence how my team collaborates and which of these factors will we examine together?
  • What can we ignore?
  • How capable are we of mutually aligning what we expect from each other?
  • How can I establish team goals?

These are the topics involved in leading teams that leaders regard as part of their job. To make your job easier, we have developed a simple tool that allows you to make an initial assessment of where potential lies.

Team Culture Wheel

It may be the case that teams develop on their own, but in which direction?

Each working group, each team has its specific topics and issues. And yet there are principles that make leadership easier. If applied correctly, they significantly increase output and improve the atmosphere in the team. We would be more than happy to advise you on all aspects relating to your team(s).

Contact and advice

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Reaching team decisions quickly and transparently

How can I, as a leader, demonstrate decision-making behavior that fits the situation at hand? Have I estimated both the complexity of the tasks and the ability of my team to self-organize correctly? Our Decision Poker Cards provide leaders and their teams with a tool that can be deployed quickly to greatly accelerate decision-making processes in teams while having fun in the process.

Decision Poker Cards