Process One

How have we become who we are?

It’s the people. It’s the people who make the difference in companies. That has been our message ever since we founded the company at the end of the last century. It has always been the people who have made our company what it is. And so we people work with our client-people on shaping the best possible forms of leadership and collaboration in their companies.

In 2016, we embarked on our biggest self-experiment to date. The management had had enough of the status quo and so, following an intensive process of soul-searching, we decided to transition to a hierarchy-free organization. This exciting, strenuous, motivating journey is still ongoing – even when we occasionally think we have already arrived, the world reveals a new side to us and so our journey continues.

That is how we have become who we are.

These are some of the many experiences we share with our clients. We engage with what we find and look for solutions together. Generally, we find them.


Purpose Process One

“As consultants & advisors, we support our clients in achieving their best, in being vibrant and transformative. We empower people and organizations to rethink and effectively deliver leadership and collaboration. To this end, we create space for change, empower tangible innovation and explore unconventional avenues.” (Purpose Process One, 2019)

Values – For our work with people, our values are our most treasured asset.

We would like to share with you what they mean for the way we at P1 view ourselves…
  • Responsibility: We encourage people to take responsibility for how they think and act
    P1: We take full responsibility for how we develop together
  • Relationship of equals: We cultivate and cherish a spirit of partnership and respect in the way we collaborate
    P1: We always assume a positive intention in how we work together, are happy that we are different individuals and benefit from these differences
  • Clarity: We take a stance, clarify what is unclear and ensure transparency
    P1: We listen carefully to each other
  • Effectiveness: We focus on feasibility in our working lives while keeping the context in sight
    P1: In everything we do and in each context, we consider the impact of our actions
  • Autonomy: We believe in the development of people’s decision-making potential
    P1: We make conscious decisions about who our partners are and the things we do 

Our Clients

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