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Sven Fissenewert

When I left school, I faced a crossroads: the one direction was “practical, honest no-frills trade” while the other was “general degree, understand what holds the world together” (I didn’t want to do anything less than that - funny how it is with personal ambition). I didn’t make a decision, or rather I chose to go both ways. For ten years I traveled the two roads in parallel, then joined the start-up Process One (although I think the term didn’t exist back then...). What is it about trade that I still have today? The love of form and the knack for the right ratio of input to output.

Three questions for Sven Fissenewert

Oh oh, power cut – what now?
Get the wood burning in the stove, carry on reading.

The page is empty – what now?
No problem. As long as there is no time pressure, it will stay empty.

How does change succeed?
Listening inward and living the answers outward, every day a little more.

What others say about Sven Fissenewert

“It never fails to amaze me that someone with such strong introversion can come out with row after row of so many clever sentences.” – Carsten Waider

“A spinning top with depth and lightness ... Sven links appreciation and clarity in the nicest of ways.” Henning Keber

More about Sven Fissenewert

German, English

Consultancy, Coaching and Training in the following areas:

Organisational Development Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Change Management, Management Development Programs

  • Studies of biology at the University of Bielefeld, graduating with a Diplom degree in biology from the Department of Behavioural Biology
Professional Career
  • Since 2014 Managing Director at Process One
  • Since 2009 member of the Management Group of Process One
  • 2006 - 2009 Head of Organisational Consulting with Process One
  • Since 1999 Trainer and Consultant with Process One
  • Since 1995 freelance Trainer
Further Education
  • Education in Systemic Organisational Consultant and Systemic Coach with Dr Gunther Schmidt, Milton-Erickson-Institut, Heidelberg
  • Two-year advanced education: "Consultancy in transition" with Prof. Dr. Rudi Wimmer and Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon at the Management Zentrum Witten
  • Facilitator and trainer training, Conflict Management at Neuland & Partner